National Scholarship Program In Ghana

Based on Sankofa’s experiences, most students in Ghana are struggling to make payments.  Therefore, to expand the Sankofa Scholarship Program and provide financial relief for more students, in 2010, Sankofa established The Sankofa National Scholarship Program (SNSP), under Sankofa International Youth Ghana, a NGO based in Ghana.  Under the SNSP, full scholarships are awarded at the senior secondary, vocational, technical, and tertiary school levels. 

The Program was launched in late 2010 and the first scholarships for Cycle 1 were awarded in June 2011.

Name of Scholarship Recipient Region Scholarship Level
PATRICK AFFUM Northern Tertiary

Note: Sankofa officials visited both scholarship recipients on Wednesday, June 15, 2011.

The Sankofa National Scholarship Program is pleased to announce the winners of a gift certificate for use in the next Scholarship Cycle.

Name of Gift Certificate Recipient Winning Number  
Richmond M. Anane 2185  
Mensah Enoch Kweku 2740  
Benjamin Kojo Kponyo 2101  
Foster Osei 3009  
Faustina Mensah 2055  

The Sankofa National Scholarship Program conducted a drawing as a bonus to those who attended the Scholarship Selection Program. Five individuals, in attendance, received a gift certificate. Also, three individuals, in attendance, received a cash prize.


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