A Treatise by Richard Willis  

“A People Rising”

Jesus said, you will know them by the fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bring forth good fruit. My burning passion was to be a good tree. To this end, I pressed forward to get answers to the following questions:

  1. What's required by me to be a good fruit producing tree?
  2. How long will it take to become that tree?
  3. How will the good fruit manifest itself in the natural?

God answered the first question in 1993 when my feet touched African soil for the first time.  I knew immediately that helping my brothers and sisters in Africa was God’s calling on my life.  God gave me the opportunity to submit to His will to become the desired tree.  God answers the second question every day because the growth process is ongoing.  God answered the third question eighteen years after I submitted to His calling on my life.  After learning, first hand, the many challenges, for the masses is Ghana and other African nations, related to paying fees to obtain a basic education, it became clear to me that the root for that good fruit producing tree is the Sankofa National Scholarship Program and its Godly impact on a people, a nation, and the world. 

The eighteen year journey on African soil, to witness the bearing of the initial fruit, is full of success stories (e.g. taking electricity into villages, conducting medical exams, providing prescription medication, building schools, awarding scholarships, conducting life-management workshops, etc.).  Looking back, it was easy to mistake the success stories as good fruit.  Also, satan was relentless with sending false messages of “mission accomplished”.  Thank God for the Holy Spirit because He revealed that God Almighty was just beginning to demonstrate His awesome powers, and through a nothing like me.

Halfway through the eighteen year journey, which is ongoing, some trusted African brothers and sisters, living in Africa, surprisingly revealed their inner most feelings towards foreigners, demonstrating, what I perceived to be, a wicked and evil side that I should have seen long ago, but didn’t.  Their gestures of kindness and love camouflaged their hidden agenda, which was to legally take from me as much money as possible without doing physical harm.  They did not know that this revelation hit me with the force of a sludge hammer.  It hurt.

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