Aid to Africa Reseller Program

The Sankofa International, Inc. (Sankofa) Aid to Africa Reseller Program is designed to provide employment and earning opportunities for some needy Africans living in Africa, and the same for some Americans living in the USA.

What is the Aid to Africa Reseller Program?
The Aid to Africa Reseller Program (ARP), established by Sankofa International, Inc. (Sankofa) in 2014, provides employment and earning opportunities for some needy Africans living in Africa, hereinafter referred to as Producers, and earning opportunities for some Americans, hereinafter referred to as Resellers.

What are a Producer and Reseller?
A Producer is a needy African, highly skilled in the areas of sewing, tailoring, wood carving, jewelry making, painting, drawing, and more. Under Sankofa’s umbrella, a Producer agrees to make items and give them to Sankofa, to be sold in the USA.

A Reseller is someone who sells the same items in the USA, under the umbrella of Sankofa.

How do Resellers earn money?
A Reseller can operate under one of two Plans. Under the Flat Plan, the Reseller pays Sankofa, in advance, a fair and reasonable price for inventory. The Reseller then marks up each item, fairly and reasonably, and retains all profits. Under the Tier Plan, Sankofa establishes the minimum price for which an item can be sold and the Reseller determines the final price. The Reseller pays Sankofa monthly, on a percentage basis, based on sells volume.

What factors does Sankofa consider when determining the fair and reasonable price for inventory?
To raise money for Sankofa programs, Sankofa has been selling African hand-crafted items in the USA for years, with success. Fair and reasonable pricing takes into account production and transportation costs, competitive pricing, customer satisfaction relative to pricing and quality, and more.

Under the Tier Plan, can the Reseller reduce the minimum price established by Sankofa?
No. The Reseller can discuss with Sankofa why he/she feels the minimum price should be reduced. However, only Sankofa can change the minimum price.

Under the Tier Plan, is the security deposit refundable, in full or in part?
Yes. Upon termination of the Agreement, the security deposit is refundable minus the value of damaged or missing inventory.


Can the Reseller change Plans?
Yes. However, it is not automatic, and approval must be granted by Sankofa. The details of the switch are developed at the time the request is made.

Can the Reseller exchange inventory?
No. It is the Reseller who selects the inventory, and all selections are final.

For the initial inventory, is there a required minimum and cap?
Yes. The minimum Reseller inventory value is $250 and the maximum is $1,000.

Are there minimum and maximum Reseller values to obtain additional inventory?
Yes. The minimum Reseller value is $50, and the maximum is based on Reseller activity history.

How often can a Reseller obtain new inventory?
Resellers can obtain new inventory on an as needed basis.

Can a Reseller sub-contract?
Yes. However, the Agreement is between Sankofa and the Reseller only. Additionally, Sankofa holds the Reseller accountable for sub-contractor actions. As such, Sankofa can terminate the Agreement with the Reseller due to unethical behavior of the sub-contractor.

How do Producers earn money?
Sankofa’s portion, based on sells in the USA, is taken to Africa and used for 3 purposes: 1) to help meet the basic needs of Producers (e.g. food, shelter, clothes, education, healthcare, etc.); 2) to purchase more materials to continue production; and 3) to support other Sankofa programs in Africa.

Is Sankofa tax exempt?
Yes. Sankofa is 501c3 certified.

Are Resellers required to pay taxes?
Yes. Resellers are required to report, to the appropriate authorities, all earned income.

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