Domestic Programs

Unfortunately, many Americans do not connect with Africa due to brain-washing. Americans have been bombed with erroneous and negative information on the continent, and this has impacted how many Americans see Africa and African people in general.


The goal of Sankofa’s domestic agenda is to increase Africa awareness among Americans of all ages, exposing them to more balanced information, including “common sense” explanations for existing problems. To successfully accomplish this, Sankofa spent approximately 15 years bonding with Africans at the grass-roots level.

Sankofa used its unique relationship with Africans to develop workshops for Americans. Workshop topics include, but are not limited to, Africa’s richness, poverty, financial aid to Africa, the world’s approach to helping Africa, Sankofa’s approach to helping Africa, advantages and disadvantages to both approaches, and more.

The workshops have demonstrated that, upon completion, attendees have a greater appreciation for Africa’s history and its long-term, negative impact on Africans living in Africa. Furthermore, it provides reasonable strategies for assistance, including financial. Last, it connects Americans with a grass-roots organization should they want to become more involved with helping the needy in Africa.

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