Message from the CEO   2015 End of Year Message

Once again, I thank God for placing the calling on my life to help Africaís needy become self-sustaining, and for the people He placed on Sankofaís pathway to help provide leadership and support.†Iím so proud of the Sankofa family.

While itís been twenty one years, the high level of enthusiasm and passion would make one believe itís day one.†There are no boring days, and each day seems new and fresh.

God also continues to bless us with new projects to support the mission.†One of the newest projects is Sankofa Organic International Farms.†This project was launched in late 2014 to provide quality jobs and quality foods to help create a healthier people.†

2016 will be an exciting year for Sankofa.†Please keep your eyes on Sankofa so you can share in the excitement.†Also, remember that our door is open to anyone who wants to serve God by helping Africaís needy at the grass-roots level.†You wonít regret it.†To get the ball rolling, contact Sankofa today and fasten your seatbelt.

Sankofaís accomplishments, with no government grants or corporate sponsorship, are too many to mention in this message. Many are highlighted on this web site.

We thank God for this unbelievable journey and look forward to the next twenty years. If youíre interested in taking this ride with us, thereís a seat for you. Itís easy. All you have to do is contact Sankofa today and fasten your seatbelt.

Telephone:  301.627.8492
Email:  modelvillage@sankofaintl.,org

Thank you and God bless you,

Richard C. Willis

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