Cedric A. Benjamin, Vice President - Sankofa International, Inc.

Cedric A. Benjamin, serves as Vice President of Sankofa International, Inc. Additionally, Mr. Benjamin also oversees the Technology initiatives of SANKOFA and is instrumental in the business decisions of the organization.

His interest in the SANKOFA Project began through a casual conversation with Richard Willis that was then spurred by God's Will for him to become part of this needed and spirit-filled mission.

Cedric has given the SANKOFA Project his highest attention and dedication. He truly believes in its mission and understands the need that "as long as those that are less fortunate than ourselves are not all that they can be, then we who have been truly blessed can not be all that we can be." With this belief guiding him, Cedric has immersed himself in this project so that he might give something back to the under served communities here in America, and in Africa where the need is the greatest.

Cedric's initial enlightenment about the conditions that exist in Africa began in 1997, when he made his first trip to the African continent. God so moved his spirit, that he realized that he must do more with his life than just satisfy his own needs.

Cedric brings to the SANKOFA Project over 25 years of experience in Engineering, Computer, and Business and Information Technology. He is President of C.A. Benjamin Associates, LLC, an Advanced Learning and Technology Consulting firm located in College Park, Maryland. His company specializes in the implementation of Technology based solutions and progressive e-learning Web-Based Training programs.

Cedric is well versed in many areas of Information Technology and has a well-rounded knowledge of business, marketing, and program management. Currently Mr. Benjamin is a e-learning Specialist and Consultant at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank Group. He also serves on the Advisory Board of TESST College of Technology (a Kaplan School), and was a part of the national research team for the "Mind Project" at Bowie State University. This project entailed the interdisciplinary study of the mind as it relates to cognitive and learning sciences and the workings of intelligent systems.


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