Mind, Body, and Spirit Food Program

One of Sankofaís goals is to help needy children, in Africa, become self-sustaining. This starts with the feeding of the body, mind, and spirit.

Part 1, Feeding the Body, started in 2000 when Sankofa began donating food to orphanages, rehabilitation centers, and more. Sankofa is now prepared to use the lessons learned to take the program to a higher level. As such, in October 2018, Sankofa will launch a feeding center under the management of Sankofa. This will properly position Sankofa to successfully accomplish Part 2,

Part 2, Feeding the Mind. Since most of these children do not attend school, Feeding the Mind will include, but not be limited, some of the basics like reading, writing, and math. Also included will be vocational training such as sewing, catering, jewelry making, art, hair, and more so they are able to learn a trade to earn money. Finally, it will include life management workshops, e.g. effective communication, problem solving, decision making, money management, time management, strategic planning, and more.

Part 3, Feeding the Spirit, will include the learning and application of Godís Word based on the Christian faith. Using state-of-the-art technology, pastors, in the USA will teach the children of Ghana through praise and worship, Bible study, and more.

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