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Dear Sir,


I would like to bring to the not notice of management of Sankofa International my appreciation of the great things that you have done in my life. Your kind intensions you showed me have brought me to this level so far. It is going to move me from this level to the next level.

Your generosity and action tell me the meaning of a proverb in my local dialect. When God creates blind person he also creates his or her assistant. This is so because when I cast my mind back to where I came from I wonder how I reached this level. The only thing I say is Sankofa.

My first thanks go to almighty God for creating you the founders of Sankofa international.  I know this association was established because of me for the bible says that whatever happens is for God’s purpose.

The second thanks go to the members of Sankofa international. I have nothing with which to thank you. You amalgamated your precious time and money on me. The only thing I can say is God richly bless you all. The blessing will go down to all your descendants.


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