Sankofa Launches Sankofa International Farms


Pig Farm

In October 2014, Sankofa International, Inc. (Sankofa) launched an organic farming project in Ghana-West Africa.  Sankofa International Farms, housed on eight acres in the Eastern Region of Ghana, has been established to provide employment opportunities and healthy foods for the residents of Ghana. 

The farm currently houses pigs.  However, plans are underway to add other farm animals and poultry. 

Proceeds, from this project, will be used to support other Sankofa projects (e.g. scholarships, feeding and clothing the needy, healthcare, and more.) 

The Sankofa International Farms office is located in the Greater Accra Region.


Why Livestock Farming?

We believe that livestock plays a key role in the the everyday lives of the poor in many regions in Ghana. This farm will not only generate necessary food for many of the disadvantaged communities, but will provide economic and employment opportunities that will be inline with Sankofa's initial mission of making rural communities self-sustaining.

Sankofa International Farms will play a central role in transforming communities in Ghana to productive socioeconomic centers of agriculture. Profits raised from this enterprise will help support the many other Sankofa initiatives we have undertaken throughout Ghana in an effort to enhance the quality of lives of those living in under served areas of this region of Africa.

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