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Part of the mission of Sankofa International, Inc. (Sankofa) is to enhance the quality of life for needy Africans.  This includes transportation. Many Africans, especially those living in rural areas, are required to walk long distances to get to a main road to wait on unreliable transportation.  In some areas, the one way walk can easily reach 4 miles or more.  Even more, they often have to carry heavy loads while walking.  Many suffer neck, back, and spinal cord problems, at a young age, due to carrying heavy loads on their head for long distances.

Sankofa has developed plans to implement a transportation system to help ease the suffering of approximately 10,000 people, the total population of eleven rural villages in Ghana’s Ashanti Region.  Two passenger vans and one cargo van will be used to support the transportation program. 

For passenger service, Sankofa will offer scheduled service during rush hour.  Outside of rush hour, residents will be required to call for service.  For cargo service, residents can call to arrange for door to door service.

In conjunction with the transportation system, Sankofa will implement an emergency communication system to handle medical emergencies.

To date, Sankofa has mapped out routes using the global positioning system (GPS). 

Also, with the support of Ghana’s Government, approximately seven miles of road, included in the routes, have been paved.  Finally, the emergency communication system has been designed and the equipment is on hand, but Sankofa is in need of funding to purchase the passenger and cargo vans.

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