Change To Make A Change Program

Sankofa International, Inc. (Sankofa) launched the “Change To Make A Change Program” to help needy children in Africa.  Under the Program, Sankofa supporters (e.g. individuals, schools, churches, etc.) have the opportunity to volunteer to collect “change” from family, friends, co-workers, etc.  At specified time periods, the supporter(s) donate the “change” to Sankofa.  Upon receipt, Sankofa takes the “change” to Africa to purchase food, clothes, school supplies, and more for needy children.  Sankofa designed a special container to be used to collect “change”.

The Program operates on the honor system.  Sankofa provides the volunteer with a collection container and Sankofa promotional materials.  The volunteer donates the money to Sankofa, and Sankofa accounts to the volunteer on how donated funds were used to help Africa’s needy.  There are no middle people.  Sankofa uses the donated money to purchase the needed items.  Then, Sankofa personally takes the items to the end user.

The Water of Life Home School Ministry, located in Maryland, is the first supporter to volunteer for this Program.  To date, this Ministry has donated over $100; used by Sankofa to purchase much needed food (rice and yam) for the Royal Seed Home Orphanage in Accra, Ghana – West Africa.

If you are interested in volunteering for this life-changing Program, please contact Sankofa at 301.627.8492. 

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