Change To Make A Change Program

And A Little Child Shall Lead Them...

Moved by Sankofa’s grass-roots involvement with helping Africa’s needy under the guidance of God Almighty, Jewel and Joy quickly launched a “Change to Make A Change” Program and raised over $100 (in coins) and donated the money to Sankofa.  On August 29, 2010, they donated the money to Sankofa.  Two weeks later, Richard Willis, President and CEO of Sankofa, took the money to Ghana, West Africa, and purchased food to help feed needy children at the Royal Seed Home Orphanage (in Accra) and Saint Gabriel’s International School (in Kumasi), helping hundreds of needy children. 

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  Left, Jewel and Joy explain in their own words, why they decided to take on this project and task.
Just that fast, the Change to Make A Change Program was making a positive difference in the lives of needy Africans.



With a burning desire to do more, Jewel and Joy (far right) solicited the support and assistance of their teacher (Neana Collins - 2nd from left), class mate (Elaysia Dorsey-age 8 - far left), and dance team member (Brittany Johnson age 14 - center). Elaysia's mother (Maria Dorsey) has also made the decision to assist.

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