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Sankofa's mission to help needy Africans become self sustaining would simply not be possible without the support of our generous donors.

Sankofa, in partnership with Product Link International, launched the Sankofa Organic International Farms in Ghana to provide quality jobs and quality foods to help create a healthier people, which we are achieving, by the Grace of God, and your continuous support.

This page is to give recognition to those who were moved to support this worthwhile initiative. There are many donors and supporters who wish to remain anonymous, but we would still like to say thank you to all of them and to those whose prayers and blessing have enabled us to move forward in our mission.

To view the names and stories behind the generosity, click on one of the following donation categories and then the individual donor name:

Structure and Livestock
Animal Infirmary (0)
Animal Maternity Ward (0)
Row (0)

Pigpen (1)

Rev. Everett Hackney
- Washington, D.C.
(Donation Type: One Pigpen, 2015)
One to Three Piglets (2)

Crusaders Baptist Church; Rev. Dr. Alton W. Jordan, Pastor - Washington, D.C.
(Donation Type: Block of Three Piglets, 2015)

Tonya Longus - Washington, D.C.
(Donation Type: Block of Two Piglets, 2015)

Block of 5 Piglets (0)

Portable Industrial Solar Generator (0)
Portable Industrial Gas Powered Generator (0)

General Donation (1)

Elder Debra Caldwell - Washington, D.C.
(Donation Type: General, 2015)
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