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If you would like to support this worthwhile initiative, read and consider our donation plan. Please note that donations can be made on an individual or group basis; therefore, feel free to share this project with your church, club, association, team, family, etc. For your convenience, we have provided a PDF version of this plan. Click the "Donation Plan" button on the right.

Don't forget to view the list of our generous donors by clicking on the "Donor Recognitions" button.

Sankofa International, Inc. (Sankofa), is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, and your tax deductible donation will be put to good use. Your interest and support are greatly appreciated.

Richard C. Willis
President and CEO
Sankofa International, Inc.

Donations by Credit Card or PayPal. Choose your payment option from the secure payment links below. You will be automatically directed to the donation form. All online transactions are processed securely through PayPal, with or without a PayPal account.

Donation Category Options:

  Donation Category Options:

Rows $50,000 (4 Available)
Animal Infirmary $4,000 (4 Available)
Animal Maternity Ward $4,000 (4 Available)
Pig Pin $2,000 (152 Available)
Block of 5 Piglets $1,000  
Block of 3 Piglets $750  
Block of 2 Piglets $500  
1 Piglet $250  
Portable Industrial Solar Generator $20,000 (4 Available)
Portable Industrial Gas Generator $40,000 (1 Available)
General Donation $25 Minimum
*** See Donation Plan for Donation Category Details

Donations By Check/Money OrderMake payable to Sankofa International (DO NOT SEND CASH); Mailing Instructions.  Mail check to: Sankofa International, P.O. Box 27174, Washington, D.C.  20038. Note on the check the donation category (e.g. pig pin)

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